Create the best possible relationship

with your dog!

Come join us for a Texas style of dog training

that begins beyond the limitations of classical training

and favors movement deriving from the expression of your dog’s individual personality.

Why Bark!Here Dog Training?

Bark!Here Dog Training is committed to providing you with the fundamental resources you need to enjoy life with your dog.  At Bark!Here, we begin by teaching people the colossal affect of developing effective communication with patience and kindness, and the results of cause and effect clearly has on all kinds of animals.

Who is Laura Young?

Laura Young, an experienced pet behavioral coach, will teach you how to understand your dog’s mannerism and apply communication commands to capture the desirable behaviors you expect of your dog. You will learn how to train your dog and create an ideal canine companion to the lifestyle you live.

Knowledge Produces Confidence

With the correct confidence, you have a safe and fun training atmosphere.  Just as you would communicate with body language to someone who speaks a different language, you have a similar beginning with animals.  In addition, we also need a knowledge of their instincts similar to foreign custom differences, so our actions are not mistakenly offensive.

Bark!Here teaches people training skills.  Combining professional instruction, a student’s commitment, and accepting the responsibility of dominion over animals, our interaction with animals then becomes more successful and personally more fulfilling!  Good training begins with the handler having a good attitude toward learning.

Bark!Here teaches by example and shows being responsible can be fun and important.  If thinking obedience and discipline is a restraint, well quite the contrary!!!  We’ll show you that you have more “freedom” with a well behaved animal.

Our Texas training techniques teach you mental flexibility and how to evaluate an animal’s personality and abilities.  Progress is built on a solid foundation of success.  With continual assessment, the handler learns to train with an open mind resulting in creative interaction.

Our Dog Training programs

Puppy ClassTrick Class
Basic Obedience ClassFour-Legged Fur Dance
Rover ReviewCaring Canine Crusaders
Private LessonsSnake Avoidance Clinic

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